‘In Studio’

Please click on artists name to see interview

1) In Studio with: Joel Dickens

2) In Studio with: Melanie Waugh

3) In Studio with: Justin Balmain

4) In Studio with: Mellissa Read-Devine

5) In Studio with: April White

6) In Studio with: Sally Higgens

7) In Studio with: Remnim Alexander Tayco

8) In Studio with: Martine Emdur

9) In Studio with: JUMBO

10) In Studio with: Bridie Connell

11) In Studio with: Mark Rowden

12) In Studio with: laura Jones

13) In Studio with: Lisa Madigan

14) In Studio with: Lexi Land



What do you need to do?

Be one of the artists to be profiled in this new section ‘In Studio’

We are taking submissions for 2012 now!

This is a regular section of our blog, in which we will be profiling a different artist each time, asking them questions about their pratice, their studio and about themselves. The questions may chang.
We will also be taking photos of them in their working environment, be it a studio or out in the field.

Please send the following information to sydneygalleries@gmail.com to be considered.

1) Your name.
2) Current email.
3) Type of art practice.
4) If you have a show coming up in Sydney and the date (If applicable).
5) Your studio location.
5) 25 words or less of why you want to be profiled.

Once we receive your details will go through  the information and contact you shortly after.



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