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Spring goes Summer









The MCA have got an action-packed month for all you artist’s with kids!  Don’t miss their very last Sunday Family Fun Day of the year, join them in the search for cool colours on an Art Safari through the gallery, explore Primavera 2015 with your bub during Art Baby and pop in for ARTplay!









A new gallery and shop space in Forest Lodge providing opportunities for local artists, designers and makers; A new venue that fosters exhibiting, learning
 and acquiring;
An alternative to the traditional gallery model; A new model for connecting with a wider audience.

HOURS: WED – FRI 11-4 | SAT 11-6 | SUN 11-4

gaffa gallery

Year three of the Creative Live Work Spaces Program

In cooperation with the City of Sydney, Gaffa facilitates six tenancy opportunities for individuals working in the creative industries. For the third year running, six one bedroom creative live work apartments in an apartment block in Darlinghurst, will provide working studios and residential accommodation for creative practitioners. Tenancies will begin from June 2016.

Artists/creatives are invited to apply for one of six residencies on 12 month leases. Applications will be assessed considering experience, creative practice and approach to collaboration. A residential lease agreement will be established between the successful applicant and the City of Sydney. Rent will be charged at $250.00 per week for the duration of the lease and a bond of one month’s rent will be required. In addition, an agreement with the successful applicant and Gaffa will be entered into, outlining expectations and responsibilities of tenants for the duration of the lease.

INFORMATION SESSION An information session will be held on Monday November 23, 6-8pm at The Australian Centre for Design, 101-115 William Street, Darlinghurst. *The information session will also include a viewing of one of the apartments. RSVP is essential. Please RSVP to with ‘RSVP MONDAY 23’ as the subject line.

Applicants should download and read the William Street Creative Live Work Spaces Info-Kit prior to applying.

PLEASE NOTE: Application material should be prepared prior to beginning the online process as it is not possible to save and return to an application. We recommend working from a draft in a WORD DOC from which you can cut and paste.
Applications will be open from Monday November 9, 2015 until midnight Friday December 11, 2015.

CURRENT 2015 TENANTS Find out who the current tenants are.
RELATED LINKS Creative City Sydney City of Sydney Cultural Policy Action Plan


Project [504] is currently accepting exhibition proposals. If you’re an artist or a group of artists please feel free to contact them. Email them now to find out there new costs:

They have approximately 250 sqm of exhibition area for only $1500 for two weeks with a large street frontage ground floor window facing busy Pacific Hwy in St Leonards, only 2 min walk from St Leonards station, offering incredible exposure to the busy main street traffic.

The exhibition space features include:

  • 24 hour exposure to busy Pacific Hwy,
  • Large amount of passing foot and car traffic,
  • Over 250sqm floor space with concrete floors, nearly 4m high ceilings with warehouse style modern interior,
  • Spot lights,
  • State of the art Artrack hanging system

National Photographic Portrait Prize 2016

The National Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition is selected from a national field of entries that reflect the distinctive vision of Australia’s aspiring and professional portrait photographers and the unique nature of their subjects. The National Portrait Gallery offers a prize of $25,000 for the most outstanding photographic portrait.



In Gallery with Project [504]


1) Where did the idea of starting a gallery come from?

The idea was initially conceived by Lane Cove Council. They have an extensive arts program, in negotiations with developers and property companies and are always pushing the idea of community use of underused office/retail space. It’s a win-win scenario where everyone benefits, tenants and the local community get access to the arts and culture, whereas artists get an arts space that is outside the commercial gallery scene. Enabling them to showcase more experimental and non-commercial but at the same time they can have a traditional show.  The space is available for themed group shows, solo exhibitions that we see as different and interesting.
Proposals are always welcome! Email us here.

2) What kind of artists do you want showing in your gallery? Is there a general skill level or style that you look for?

Our vision is to showcase awe-inspiring work, that will leave the viewer touched and inspired, whether it be master pieces by established well-known artists, Archibald portraits by top end Australian artists,  intriguing installations, or skilfully crafted works by emerging, promising new talents. The works we would like to show should be exceptional, have an edge, cause discussion, provoke, make you think, exhibiting technical excellence in their craft and have contemporary relevance.

3) What is the best way to approach your gallery?

We encourage applications via our website
You can view the gallery during opening hours Mo-Fri 11-5pm.

Project 504 Floor Plan

4) What is your galleries philosophy?

Fostering excellence in art.


5) What is different about project[504]?

Our biggest point of difference is that we combine the best of a non-for-profit ARI with features and services of a commercial gallery. A lot of ARI’s are hidden away warehouses in back streets of suburbia that rely solely on word of mouth traffic. Project [504] is a spacious 450 square-metre New York loft style showroom, with 4 metre high ceilings and large shop front windows facing busy Pacific Highway, surrounded by interior design and furniture stores, servicing the busy St Leonards business district.
We have all the freedoms of a non-profit organisation to put on impactful, edgy, non-commercial events and exhibitions, while at the same time providing emerging and established artists with a highly professional service, very similar to what they would expect on the commercial gallery scene. You can be sure that when you walk into either of the Project 504 galleries, you will be seeing a carefully chosen and expertly curated exhibition.

We are also a living, breathing gallery with onsite studio spaces where art happens in real time. The studios bring together a group of talented, passionate people that use their networks to promote the project and share their knowledge fostering new talent. The space is run by some well established artists who already are represented by other commercial galleries, so there is a lot of knowledge and expertise available from us. All resident artists engage in the Australian artistic community as career artists.

6) It is a hard market out there, how are you finding it?

Considering we’ve only been around for a short while, we received an avalanche of exhibition proposals. We’ve had lots of positive feedback both from local businesses as well as the arts community, with many artists popping in to say hello, welcoming us to the area. We’ve also had some fabulous turnouts at exhibition openings, with several hundreds of people attending the launch and we have growing numbers at sketch clubs and events. It may be a difficult market but as a brand new gallery, we feel confident of making a strong impact in non-commercial ways, using our innovation, expertise and networks to make our exhibitions a financial success for our artists.

7) Tell us about your gallery team?

The founder: Kathrin Longhurst, she ran an artist collective on the Northern Beaches, operated an art gallery near Manly for 3 years, later becoming the Vice President for Portrait Artists Australia and is now represented by Art Equity in Sydney, where she had several sell out solo shows.

Our Gallery Director: Vanessa Callum, runs a successful PR business and operates out of our North Sydney Gallery on Berry Street. She oversees contracts, events, PR, printing, advertising, bookkeeping and the day-to-day running of Project[504].

Gallery Manager: Lucy West-Sooby, oil painter extraordinaire and 2014 winner of the prestigious Brett Whiteley scholarship at the Julian Ashton Art School. She manages the operation of the St. Leonard’s gallery, handling inquiries and getting exhibitions off the ground. She is the friendly first point of contact for artists interested in hiring the space for exhibitions, events and workshops, or simply wanting to know more about Project [504].

Our front-of-House: Krista Brennan, Illustrator and art teacher is with us on a part-time basis as front of house.

PR/Marketing: Mark Rowden, National Art School graduate and established artist/print-maker Mark brings a wealth of knowledge in PR and marketing through his widespread network of artists and art enthusiasts.

Gallery Curator: Marcus Callum, three times Archibald finalist is heading our curatorial team working closely with exhibiting artists and selecting the most exciting works for shows at our gallery space.

8) Have you any advice when choosing a gallery to show in?

Finding the right match is not always easy. Sometimes trial and error is the way to go. Artist run spaces are a great way to test the market with a new body of work or if you have no contractual ties to a commercial gallery. It also allows you to showcase your work and invite commercial galleries to see it in a professional setting if your long term goal is to find permanent gallery representation.

9) There are plenty of ARI (Artist run initiatives) out there, What are your thoughts on these spaces within the market?

ARIs are a really important part of the art world, they lie somewhere between commercial galleries and public/regional galleries. The often give collectors access to new talents early in their careers, they allow the artists to learn new skills and get familiar with the exhibition process and different aspects of marketing and selling their work in a communal environment. The instant feedback on work can also make a difference to an artist’s development.

10) Melbourne vs Sydney how do you see the arts and the major differences?

A lot of people tell us that Sydney is a better market for selling art. The Melbourne art market tends to be more conservative and take longer to adopt a new artist. We’ve had several exhibition proposals from Melbourne artists to exhibit here, so it looks like people are quite excited about being shown in Sydney.


11) Social media is everywhere, do you use it and does it help the gallery?

Yes, we use social media to keep our fans informed about upcoming shows, workshops, events and what’s new in the gallery. We like to showcase new works that arrived and which artworks we particular find interesting.

12) What art do you have on your wall at home and your office?

Being an artist, the best way to build my own collection is to trade work with other artists I like. So most of the pieces that are hanging on my wall are works by my artist friends and a few smaller pieces I have purchased at exhibitions.

13) Where can we find out more about your gallery?

Online at, through a visit to one of our galleries at 65 Berry St North Sydney or 504 Pacific Hwy St Leonards or call the gallery on 0450 468 387

To Book a show or get some more information email here.


14) What shows are coming up over the next couple of months?

Next up at the gallery is a show by acclaimed photographer David Charles Collin of his Black and white photographs called “Silver Narcissus”. Then we have a 3 man show of paintings, drawings and sculpture called “Quick Shot” by Leonie Robison, Paul Hattaway and Adrienne Watson and after that a two man show with paintings and sculpture called “Nebulae and Elementals” by Archibald finalist Guy Morgan and sculptor Lee Blattman. For more information visit our website.


All blog posts and images are copyrighted and all rights belong to – Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community and Mark Rowden


To see more art openings click here to see the weekly listing

Warringah Art Prize

Prize Pool More Than Doubled as Exhibition Moves to Warringah Creative Space
Artists are the winners as Warringah Council relaunches the Warringah Art Exhibition as the Warringah Art Prize – more than doubling the prize pool to $22,000.
‘Residents have told us how important self-expression and creativity is to our community, so we’ve doubled our commitment to this important art event,’ said Warringah Mayor Michael Regan.
‘In addition to more than doubling the prize money, we’re holding the event over two exhibitions, both at our own Warringah Creative Space. For the first time the very popular Youth and Waste to Art finalists will be displayed in their own exhibition, separate to the General finalists.’

The extra prize money has come thanks to Council staff finding efficiencies in the event, which has been running for more than 60 years.
The General category is open to artists 18 and above. The Youth category has been split into two groups 12 – 16 years and 17 – 21 years.
Two dimensional original paintings, drawings, printmaking, collage and photography can be entered in the General or Youth categories.
The Waste to Art category is open to everyone over 12 years and can also include sculpture, clothing, collage and jewellery, but it must be made from reused or recycled materials.
Registrations close Sunday 12 July 2015. For registration form and conditions of entry, visit:

Warringah Art Prize
Waste to Art and Youth Exhibition:  13 – 23 August
General Exhibition:  28 August – 6 September
Sat-Wed 10am-4pm
Thu-Fri 10am-6pm
Warringah Creative Space, 105 Abbott Road, North Curl Curl



BEAMS Arts Festival is flash of light in the night; the collective sparks of creative ideas combining in one great surge of light, sound, colour and movement.

It is FREE to submit to BEAMS Art Festival 2015.

BEAMS Arts Festival facilitates collaborative projects between ideas people – creatives, makers, artists, performers, businesses, creative industries and the vibrant community of Chippendale. It is a golden opportunity for networking and future collaboration in the creative heart of Sydney.

The submissions deadline is fast approaching, so get your idea in for BEAMS 2015 – click here


Linden Postcard Show 2015

19 September – 21 November 2015
Opening night Friday 18 September 4-8pm

Artist Submissions Now Open
All works strictly 8” x 10”
Over $10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs
Terms and conditions now available
entries close midnight Monday 17 August 2015


Front Window Project is a new space committed to presenting interesting and innovative work by professional practitioners.  Our annual program will incorporate curated, solo and collaborative projects across a broad range of media.Proposed works need to be appropriate for a publicly viewable window.
Our small curatorial team is currently accepting proposals for the rest of 2015 and early 2016.  Proposals should include the following:

1. your name, address, email, phone number
2. a paragraph or two about your work in general
3. a description (one page or less) of the work you intent to exhibition and the ideas that underpin the work
4. no more than 10 low resolution images (each image must be smaller than 1MB)
5. your CV

please zip all of these and email to
download the floor plan here front window floorplan

There is no exhibition fee charged for exhibiting in the Front Window.
Exhibitions may run for a period of 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the calendar.

Paddington Art Prize

A $25,000 National acquisitive prize for a painting inspired by the Australian landscape
Applications close Saturday the 19th of September

Finalists announced Friday the 25th of September

Exhibition of National Finalists Opening Night and Presentation
Thursday 22nd October, 6 – 8 pm

111 – 113 Queen Street Woollahra, NSW 2025. Entrance via Dorhauer Lane
All paintings are available for sale. Please contact Marlene Antico on (02) 9362 0282 for all enquiries


KEISAN is a brand new art gallery space that will open on 7 August 2015.

Taking Artists’ Submissions

Located at the heart of Sydney CBD, with high accessibility to transport, The Menzies hotel attracts a large amount of tourist clientele, who are interested in what Sydney’s creative outlets and local art scenes have to offer.

Initially established as Sydney’s first Japanese sushi restaurant in 1972, KEISAN was one of the cities’ most popular dining destinations.

Newly repurposed, Keisan is now re-opening its doors as an art gallery space with classic Japanese decor.

+61 2 92991000

KEISAN Launch Night Exhibition 7 August 2015



ARTIST CALL OUTS: Jobs, exhibitions and prizes



CALL FOR ENTRIES: 2015 MOSMAN ART PRIZE – Exhibition 25 July – 30 August

Registration is now open for the 2015 Mosman Art Prize.
Artists across Australia are invited to submit works for the 68th Mosman Art Prize exhibition – the longest running municipal art prize in Australia. Established in 1947, the Mosman Art Prize is a national painting award with a major prize of $30,000.

Along with fostering the practice of established and emerging artists, Mosman Art Prize is an acquisitive award that forms the basis of the Mosman Art Collection, a valuable and important survey of Australian painting. The inaugural Mosman Art Prize (1947) was judged by artist Lloyd Rees prize and awarded to a very young Margaret Olley.

Subsequent prize winners have included: Grace Cossington Smith, Weaver Hawkins, Francis Lymburner, Nancy Borlase, Guy Warren, John Caldwell, Frank Hinder, Elwyn Lynn, Margo Lewers, Peter Laverty, Earle Backen, Ken Reinhard, Jenny Sages, Noel McKenna, Adam Cullen, Tom Carment, Fan Dongwang, Elisabeth Cummings, Tim Johnson, Guan Wei, Nicholas Harding, Cressida Campbell, Peter Godwin, Jasper Knight, James Powditch, Lucy Culliton, Kerrie Lester, Craig Waddell, David Fairbairn and Rachel Ellis.

The 2014 Mosman Art Prize was won by Michael Muir for his oil work, Past the Stacks.
2015 Judge: This year’s Mosman Art Prize will be judged by Michael Rolfe, Chief Executive Officer, Museums and Galleries NSW.
Mosman Art Prize is a free public exhibition on show Saturday 25 July to Sunday 30 August.

Announcement of Winners – Tuesday 28 July at 6.30pm for the Official Opening.
Finalists are selected from a pool of established and emerging artists who work in oils, acrylics or watercolours. A Public Program of Artist Talks accompanies the prize show offering professional and personal insights to contemporary painting practice.

REGISTER NOW – Further details and online entry form at:

Important Dates: MOSMAN ART PRIZE – 68 years in 2015

Wed 27 May:  Registrations now open – online entries only
Mon 13 July:   Receiving day for artworks – (8.00am – 7.00pm)
Sat 18 July:     Finalists announced online
25 July to 30 August:  Public viewing finalist’s exhibition
Tues 28 July:  Announcement of Winners / Official Opening event 6:30pm

Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies are looking for a passionate Retail Sales Assistant to join our customer service team at either our historic Rocks store, the National Art School store or our Redfern Factory workshop.

Things to check your CV for:

– Available 4-5 days a week. MondayFriday and possible Saturday shifts.
– Available for an immediate start
– A commitment to a long term position.
– Retail Experience
– Background education in the Visual Arts and good general experience in Fine Arts.
– Experience stretching canvas and wood-working is HIGHLY DESIRABLE.
– Strong knowledge of Art Materials.
Please send us a cover letter introducing yourself and CV to and ATTENTION it to either Derek Parker or Katrina Hill.


EXHIBITION OFFER: 50% off Gallery Fees @ PROJECT [504]

PROJECT[504] has had Giles Alexander, Abdul Abdullah, Martine Emdur, Sophia Hewson, Luke Cornish, Will Coles, Kathrin Longhurst, Mertim Gokalp, Louis Pratt, Angus MacDonald, Marcus Callum, John McRae, Evert Ploeg and Nick Stathopoulos.

They’ve had artist dinners, sketch clubs and arts events, this space is huge and waiting for the next big show, you could be next!

PROJECT[504] in St Leonards is offering the following offer.
If you book a show or event at 504 for the month June or July the ‘gallery fees’ are 50% off.

BOOK NOW. 50% OFF for June and July only” enter code “504discount” in email to

Now accepting proposals from contemporary artists and curators for the 2016 program of the Bondi Pavilion Gallery
“There’s more to Bondi Beach than babes and waves…the beachside burb brings it on the cultural Artists and curators are invited to apply for the Bondi Pavilion Galleries 2016 exhibition program.

The iconic Bondi Pavilion Gallery has over thirty years history of exhibiting emerging, mid-career and professional artists to local and international audience at world renowned Bondi Beach. Applications for the Bondi Pavilion Gallery can be made to by 5pm on Friday 24 For more information, terms and conditions head to
The Waverley Library Galleries are inviting applications from artists and curators for its 2016

Now accepting proposals from contemporary artists and curators for the 2016 program of the Waverley Library Galleries.

The Galleries offer two public spaces with approximately 44,000 visitors per month. The
Galleries exhibit all forms of contemporary practice and encourage public programs associated with  exhibitions. The closing date for the 2015 program is Friday 21 August 2015. Applications can be made to Waverley Library Reception or
For more information head to

Welcome to the Black Swan Prize

Black Swan Prize for Portraiture
$50,000 first prize.
Entries closing Fri July 17.
Visit website for details or call 0432-275-690.

EXHIBITION OFFER: 50% off Gallery Fees @ PROJECT [504]

So far PROJECT[504] has had Giles Alexander, Abdul Abdullah, Martine Emdur, Sophia Hewson, Luke Cornish, Will Coles, Kathrin Longhurst, Mertim Gokalp, Louis Pratt, Angus MacDonald, Marcus Callum, John McRae, Evert Ploeg and Nick Stathopoulos.

They’ve had artist dinners, sketch clubs and arts events, this space is huge and waiting for the next big show, you could be next!

We’ve got a great offer for you!

We’ve been talking to PROJECT[504] in St Leonards and organised the following offer.
If you book a show or event at 504 for the month June or July the ‘gallery fees’ are 50% off

50% OFF for June and July only” enter code “504discount” in email to

Project 504 Floor Plan




Artist call outs, Sydney art shows, Sydney art exhibitions & art events MAY 2015

Hey there, so a quick update!
We are trying new ways of posting events, all you have to do is invite ‘Sydney Galleries‘ to the Facebook event you want listed.
(Events are usually live within 24 hours the details will be then listed here on our site)
To see more art openings click here to see the weekly listing
What’s happening in the arts that you should see?
Luke Sciberras ‘Human condition’ and Noah Taylor ‘Alone together’
Wednesday 13 May 2015 6-8pm
OLSEN IRWIN – 63 Jersey Road Woollahra
 dots sydney galleries
Introducing Leichhardt’s newest art gallery LikeART, in the heart of Leichhardt on Norton Street.
Check out their grand opening on the 16th May 2-4pm
11146567_10152704703271673_6115695070574468019_n 11165298_1555436098012056_7802951082151261393_n
Return to Nature Photography Exhibition ​(as part of HeadOn Festival) May 1 ­ May 30
LikeART Mix Exhibition ​Painting, drawing, sculpture and more. May 16th ­ 17th only
Artists and curators are invited to submit exhibition proposals for July to Dec 2015 – all mediums. Entries closing Sat May 30.
dots sydney galleries

BLINDSIDE is calling for proposals from artists and curators—emerging and established—local, interstate and international—solo or collaborative. We welcome proposals by practitioners working in all fields of creative endeavour, from painting to sound to somewhere in between.

BLINDSIDE welcomes proposals from artists, collectives and curators for solo and group exhibitions and performances across one or both gallery spaces. Alternatively, we welcome artists and curators to contact us to discuss exhibition ideas that are still in the planning stages. BLINDSIDE will assist artists and curators to seek funding and sponsorship and we help provide advice and letters of support.

BLINDSIDE doesn’t wish to discriminate against anybody. Artists who have difficulties with written English or access to computers etc are welcome to contact the gallery and make an appointment to discuss their proposal in person.

EXHIBITION PROPOSALS | BLINDSIDE 2016 | Proposals NOW due 31 May 2015

dots sydney galleries


The Basil Sellers Art Prize invites artists to tackle an Australian obsession—sport. It offers artists an opportunity to be part of a major exhibition at the Potter and a chance to win the $100,000 acquisitive prize, the $5,000 People’s Choice award and the Basil Sellers Creative Fellowship at the National Sports Museum. All entrants participating in the finalists’ exhibition will receive a participation fee of $3,000. There are no restrictions on medium or approach. Sport is an integral part of Australian society and this prize encourages artists to embrace this national tradition. The fifth Basil Sellers Art Prize will be awarded in July 2016, in conjunction with a nationally promoted exhibition of finalists’ work at the Potter.

Closing date for submission of entries: Friday 26 June 2015
Announcement of shortlisted artists: September 2015
Artworks completed for exhibition: June 2016
Exhibition at the Potter: July to November 2016

Download conditions of entry and the entry form here.

Make your payment for the Basil Sellers Art Prize administration fee by credit card via our e-cart here. Credit card payments must be made on or before the closing date for entries on 26 June 2015. A receipt will be issued to you via email. Please read the Conditions of Entry before making you payment, as refunds will not be issue for ineligible entries.

ARTIST CALL OUT: Temporary urban design projects

Waverley Council is carrying out a series of temporary urban design projects to activate and improve the quality of the public domain in the Bondi Junction Centre.
Waverley Council is inviting quotations from artists and design groups to design and install a public artwork on the temporary hoarding around the Boot Factory building in Norman Lee Place. The project offers an opportunity to create an inviting urban artwork that improves the visual character of the space and adds much needed detail, fun and interest at human scale. The final artwork must have a strong concept which creates atmosphere, is generous, uplifting and inviting. Artists are to submit quotations (up to $15,000) and concepts by 5pm on 16 April 2015

It is envisaged that the artwork will:

· have a vibrancy that is immersing, fluid and playful at human scale;

· allow pedestrians to re-think how they engage in the everyday within their urban

· be informed by the site and history of the area; and

· appeal to a wide audience and be uplifting to the spirit.

For application packs and details on how to apply please see the tenders online website;

Waverley Artist Studios

Waverley Artist Studios

Waverley Artist Studios- How to Apply

Waverley Artist Studios are for emerging, mid career and professional artists interested in working within Bondi and greater Waverley area.

Studios are offers in six month blocks from January – June, or July – December annually.

Artists in the studios will benefit from:

  1. A fully subsidised studio space for six months in Bondi to develop new work
  2. Paid professional development opportunities including, workshops and artists talks, public art projects, live art opportunities

Successful applicants are expected to participate in a compulsory open studio event in the second last month of their occupancy. The open studio event is aimed to showcase works being produced during the time in the studios to curators, artists, funding bodies, Councillors and the community.

The studios are located at the Bondi School of Arts, 138 Bondi Road, Bondi.

Applications for the next round of studios close on Friday 20 February 2015 for the period of July – December 2015

Applicants should read the guidelines for the program carefully before submitting an application.

All applications should be submitted through the online system.

Waverley Studio Artists

Marian Tubbs Heidi Axelsen Justin Balmain
Marian Tubbs Heidi Axelsen  Justin Balmain 
Cat Jones Guy Francis Martin Sean Rafferty
Cat Jones
Guy Francis Martin
Sean Rafferty


Tannya Harricks Gretchen Keelty
Julia Kennedy-Bell
Tannya Harricks Gretchen Keelty
Maria Buchner Lucas Davidson Aileen Huynh
Maria Buchner  Lucas Davidson Aileen Huynh


Gail Carson Malcolm Whittaker Mark Elliot
Gail Carson Malcolm Whittaker Mark Elliot
sarah_eddowes  Bernadette Jones Sue Saxon
Sarah Eddowes  Bernadette Jones Sue Saxon
Todd Fuller  Self Portrait Sue Saxon
Todd Fuller Jo Mulcahy-Zubani Sue Saxon
IMAG NE Emma Anna at Sculpture by the Sea Kate Mitchell TV Moore what say u
Emma Anna Kate Mitchell TV Moore
Maz Dixon Fiona Lowry Tim Silver Todd McMillan Ague
Maz Dixon Fiona Lowry Todd McMillan

Sydney art shows, Sydney art exhibitions & Sydney art openings 1/12/2014 – 07/12/2014


This will be the last post for 2014.  I’d just like to say thank you for the support!
It’s been a brilliant year with some really interesting art shows, and I’ve met some great people as well.
2014 has had its sadder days with the loss of some great artists. We’ve also seen some amazing galleries close their doors but a few new ones open have arrived so fingers crossed for the 2015 art scene!
Enjoy the summer months and see you around the galleries.

Thank you

Mark Rowden


Facebook Home:
Facebook GROUP:
Facebook PAGE:


Monday 1st December

Tuesday 2nd December
Bronwyn Berman
Alexander Michael
When: 6-8pm
@ maunsell wickes – at barry stern galleries, 19 glenmore road, paddington

Christmas Calendar show
When: 6-9pm
@ CONNY DIETZSCHOLD GALLERY – 99 Crown Street, East Sydney

The Big Reveal – Christmas Show
When: 6pm
@ Brenda May Gallery – 2 Danks Street, Waterloo

Sydney Seminar for Culture and Society 3: ‘Being Creative/Resisting Islamophobia’
When: 6-7:30pm
@ Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts – 280 Pitt Street, Sydney

Wednesday 3rd December
When: 6-8pm
@ ng art gallery – three little queen street chippendale

Owen Leong
Emily Sandrussi
when: 6-8pm
@ Artereal – 747 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney

Market Development Q&A – Theatre for Young People
When: 11am-12pm
@ Australia Council for the Arts – 372 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills

SCA Postgraduate Degree Show
When: 6-8pm
@ Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney – Balmain Road, Lilyfield,

When: 6-8pm
@ ARCHIVE Space – 5 Eliza St, Newtown, Sydney

Paul Williams – Nothing Solid
Marita Fraser
When: 6-8pm
@ GALLERY 9 – 9 Darley St, Darlinghurst,

REDHOT HUMAN – David Cragg
when: 6-8pm
@ The Tate – z345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe,

Future Perfect Issue 2 Launch Party
When: 6-8pm
@ Beautiful Pages – 114 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst,

Thursday 4th December
Gallery: 1-2-3t George School of Fine Arts
Gallery 4: Selina Shanti Woulfe – Bloodline Rituals
When: 6-8pm
@ Gaffa Gallery – 281 Clarence Street, CBD, Sydney

Being – Works by Amber Subaki and James Needham
when: 6-8pm
@ CK Gallery – Level 1, 204 King Street, Newtown (close to Brown Street)

Black eye galelry 4th dec

EAU – Graham Shearer
when: 6-8pm
@ Black Eye Gallery – 3/138 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst

Jan Van Der Ploeg
Gemma Smoth
when: 6-8pm
@ Sarah Cottier Gallery – 23 Roylston Street, Paddington

When: 6-8pm
@ M.M.P.G – Level 1, 499 Crown St, Surry Hills (above Title Store).

When: 6-8pm
@ Liverpool Street Gallery – 243a Liverpool Street, East Sydney

When: 5:30-8pm
@ Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation – Locked Bag 2005, Randwick

4 dec Home735 Gallery

Live in the Lounge’ with Daniel O’Toole
when: 7pm
@ Home@735 Gallery – 735 Bourke Street, Redfern

Group show
@ 10×8 – Level 3, Central Park, 28 Broadway,

Fashion forum: You are what you wear
When: 6-8pm
@ Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) – 16-20 Goodhope Street, Paddington

Influence of the Unseen – Art Exhibition by Tobius Millar
When: 6-7pm
@ M2 Gallery – 4/450 Elizabeth St Surry Hills

Friday 5th Decemeber
Crystal Void – Kyle Montgomery
When: 6-9pm

Microsoft Surface Co-Create Project (Pop Up Gallery)
When: 12-6pm
@ 106 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Living Patterns
When: 6pm
@ Alpha House Artist Co Operative – 226 Union Street, Erskineville, Sydney,

The Egg & Dart Christmas Show
When: 6-8pm
@ The Egg & Dart – Shop 2/1-3 Raymond Road, Thirroul

Intimate worlds
When: 6-8pm
@ AirSpace Projects – 10 Junction Street, Marrickville,

Inventory of Another / UNSW Masters of Architecture Exhibition
When: 6-9pm
@ UNSW Red Centre – UNSW, Anzac Parade, Kensington, Sydney,

Together Alone – Brad Robson Solo Exhibition
When: 7-10pm
@ 10 mitchell st, marrickville

Saturday 6th Decemeber
Seven Walks. Cape Leeuwin to Bundeena.
Tom Carment, Drawings and Stories   /   Photographs by Michael Wee
Published by Roc/Hin 2014
To be launched by Dr Katrina Schlunke, Assoc. Prof. of Cultural Studies, UTS
When: 5-7pm
@ King Street Gallery on William, 177 William Street, Darlinghurst

Deborah Beck, Memento
Lucienne Fontannaz, Character Plays
When: 3pm
@ Janet Clayton Gallery – 2 Danks Street, Waterloo

Multiple drafts model – Lucas Davidson
When: 6-8pm
@ MOP Projects – 2/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale

when: 6-8pm
@ SOHO GALLERIES – 104 Cathedral Street, Sydney

when: 3-5pm
@ M contemporary – 37 Ocean Street, Woollahra, Sydney

robert malherbe

PRUE VENABLES – Gathered in Spring
when: 2-4pm
@ Olsen Irwin – Works on Paper, Small Paintings and Sculpture – 40 Queen Street, Woollahra

Public Poetry Picnic in Paddington
Sydney Poetry at the Brett Whiteley Studio present the third Sydney Bookers Poetry Picnic in celebration of poetry and the regular readings held throughout the year in Sydney.
Those that book poets and coordinate events will come together in representation of their event and in celebration of the art form. These event managers ensure poets are supported within their communities to present their work.  From the more established events such as he long-standing Live Poets Society at Don Bank Cottage which in 2015 will have been running for 25 years, Sydney Poetry Readings at Brett Whiteley, celebrate 15 years, through to the emerging, performative and the competitive such as the Australian Poetry Slam organised by Word Travels, to the underground word-gypsies, of Caravan Slam.
When: 3-6pm
@ Paddington Reservoir Gardens – Cnr Oxford Stret and Oatley Avenue, Paddington

Book launch of The Christmas Rose with afternoon tea
When: 3-5pm
@ Frances Keevil Gallery – 28-34 Cross Street, Double Bay

Celebrating the participating Soho Galleries artists
Group Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, Wall Relief, Work on Paper
When: 6-8pm
@ SOHO GALLERIES – 104 Cathedral Street, Sydney

When: 3pm
@ SNO Contemporary Art Projects – 175 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

ASHELY FROST ‘Harbour Studies’
When: 3-5pm
@ Stella Downer Fine Art – 2 Danks St – Waterloo, New South Wales, Australia

The End: Last Ever ICAN Auction!!
When: 3:30pm
@ Ican Newtown – 15 Fowler st, Sydney

Walking My Camino – Ann Theresa Gregory
When: 4-6pm
@ ESP Gallery – 228 Illawarra Road, Marrickville

Day Fine Art is expanding it’s gallery space
When: -7pm
@ Day Fine Art – 29 Govetts Leap Road, Blackheath

Christmas Drinks & End of Year Sale
When: 6pm
@ Purple Noon Gallery – 606 Terrace Road, Freemans Reach, Sydney,

Kaleido Launch Party
When: 6-10pm

Sunday 7th December
Summer Markets at Monster Mouse
When: 11am-6pm
@ Marrickville

Things of interest

gaffa things interest

Sydney art shows, Sydney art exhibitions & Sydney art openings 24/11/2014 – 3023/11/2014

Monday 24th November
The Arts and Embracing Risk: In Conversation with Mark Goggin and Georgie Meagher
Admission: Free SAMAG members
RSVP online or via email
When: 6-8pm
@ Baker & McKenzie Law Firm – Level 27, AMP Centre 50 Bridge Street  Sydney

when: 6-9pm

Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists Forum
when: 10am
@ Parramatta Visitors and Heritage Centre – Seminar Room, Parramatta Visitors and Heritage Centre, 346A Church Street

Tuesday 25th November
ANNUAL 14 UNSW Art & Design
When: 6pm
@ UNSW Art & Design – Paddington Campus, Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington

(small) GEMS
When: 6-8pm
@ Robin Gibson Gallery – 278 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst

Trees by Catherine Traicos
When: 6-8pm
@ Ginkgo Gallery – 166 St Johns Rd, Glebe

Fabric8 – Textiles Design Exhibition
@ The Muse, Ultimo TAFE – Ultimo, Sydney

Annual 14
when: 6pm
@ Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd, Paddington

when: 6pm
@ Queen St Gallery – 28 Queen St Woollahra

Wednesday 26th November
celebrate 40 years of standing up for Australian creators
RSVP to by COB Monday, 17 November
When: 6:30-8:30pm
@ Arthouse Hotal – 275 Pitt Street, Sydney

When: 6-8pm
@ DICKERSON GALLERY SYDNEY – 34 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney

LIZ DAY collaboration
When: 6-8pm
@ Factory 49 – 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville

26 novemeber tom C
TOM CARMENT- Paintings & Drawings
When: 6-8pm
@ King Street Gallery on William – 177 William Street, Darlinghurst

when: 6-8pm
@ Home@735 Gallery – 735 Bourke Street, Redfern

ELIZABETH DAY collaboration
Rose Ann McGreevy, Barbara Halnan, Sue Callanan, Lynne Barwick and Elizabeth Day
When: 6-8pm
@ Factory 49 – 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney

Milija Belic, Laura Nillni, Joël Besse, Bogumila Strojna
When: 6-8pm
@ Office Project Space – Factory 49 – 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney

When: 6-8pm
@ Defiance Gallery – 47 Enmore Road, Newtown

Josh Yeldham – Surender book launch
when: 6-8pm
@ Art House Gallery – 66 McLachlan Avenue – Rushcutters Bay

Dark Night
when: 6-8pm
@ 107 Projects – 107 Redfern Street Redfern,

Contemporary’s Contemporaries
MCA staff Show
When: 6pm
@ MCA – George Street, Circular Quay, Sydney

Finding your voice as a photographer –  by Fiona Wolf-Symeonides
when: 6-8pm
@ Momento Photo Books – 20-40 Meagher St, Chippendale, Sydney,

when: 7:30pm
@ Performance Space – 245 Wilson St Eveleigh, Sydney

Thursday 27th November
National Art School Graduate Exhibition 2014
When: 6pm
@ National Art School – Corner of Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst


BIRD BOOK – Caren & Adrian Lockhart
When: 6-8pm
@ Frances Keevil Gallery – Bay Village 28-34 Cross Sreet, Double Bay

This Time It’s Personal
When: 6:30pm
@ SUNSTUDIOS, 42 Maddox St, Alexandria

When: 6-8pm
@ The Corner Gallery – 116 Abercrombie St, Chippendale

Tim Schultz and Stephen Ralph, The fantastic woman dancing before Böcklin and The Scholars’ Rocks
When: 6-8pm
@ Commercial Gallery – 148 Abercrombie Street, Redfern

Fintan Magee
TWT Creative Precinct Block Party
When: 5:50pm – 8:30pm
@ ‘No lights, No Lycra’: Brand X rehearsal space, 60 Atchison Street
@ Black and White’: works by contemporary artists, Platform72, 62 Atchison Street
@ Live performances and karaoke: Bsidesound, 58 Atchison Street
@ ‘Tubula Rose’ photography exhibition: The Photography Factory, 60 Atchison Street
@ Textile demonstrations and live music: Cre8tiv Studios, 27 Atchison Street
@ ‘Small is beautiful’: exhibition, ME art space, 25 Atchison Street
@ ‘On the easel’: an exhibition of visual artists of the TWT Creative Precinct, T1 Café
@ ‘The Streets Are Talking’: new works by Alan Streets, kind of – gallery, 58 Atchison Street
@ Bicycle workshop, Cicli Spirito, 62 Atchison Street (rear entrance in Atchison Lane)

Ro Murray – Susie Williams
when: 6-8pm
@ Chrissie Cotter Gallery (CCG)

Priscilla Bourne – Pushing the daisies
Zina Swanson – Marble Kisses
when: 6-8pm
@ Ray Hughes Gallery – 270 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills

Annual Art School Exhibition
when: 6-8:30pm
@ 19 Montgomery St, Kogarah, Sydney, Australia

Friday 28th November
New Horizons ICAT (Inspire. Creative. Adventure. Therapeutic.)
When: 5:30pm
@ New Horizons Aged Care – 53-63 Badajoz Road, North Ryde

Summer Exhibition
DIFFERENT STROKES – Akira Akira, Mira Gojak, Kerena Keys, Kenzee Patterson, Koji Ryui, Michelle Ussher
MIND THE GAP -Sarah crowESTEmily Hunt, Owen Leong, Jaki Middleton & David Lawrey, Clare Thackway & Gregory Hodge
In collaboration with the Southern Cross Model Railway Association, Eastern Division, Casula Powerhouse.
TRAINS: Tony Mott
WONDERLAND – Rebecca Brady & Jaxson Barlow, Rebecca Brady and her son Jaxson Barlow (aged 4) in their exhibition Wonderland look at the intuitive process of art making in its original state and how ideas can be generated from simple marks.
When: 6pm
@ Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre – 1 Powerhouse Road, Casula

Domesticated: curated by Lesley Giovanelli
When: 6-8pm
@ Articulate project space – 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt

Anne Numont – Drawing Vulnerability
when: 6-8pm
@ SHEFFER GALLERY – 38 Lander Street Darlington

EVA TROYEUR-GIBSON: People Who Like Walking
when: 6-8pm
@ Mils Gallery – 15 Randle St, Surry Hills, Sydney

Finissage – Goettin, Maise, Panatteri, Ryan
when: 3-5pm
@ CONNY DIETZSCHOLD GALLERY – 99 Crown Street, East Sydney

Christmas 2014
when: 6-8m
@ Kerrie Lowe Gallery – 49 – 51 King St, Newtown

ARTBAR curated by Destiny Deacon
when: 7-11pm
@ MCA ARTBAR – 140 George Street, Sydney

Saturday 29th November
Ngali Ngalim Boorroo (For the Women)
When: 3pm
@ The Cross Art Projects, 8 Llankelly Place, Kings Cross, Sydney

Domesticated – Curated by Lesley Giovanelli,
When: 6-8pm
@ Articulate project space – 497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt

Helen Tiernan in discussion with Bill Gammage (Author of The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, Allen & Unwin, 2012)
When: 4-6pm
@ Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery – 31 Lamrock Avenue, cnr Chambers Stret, Bondi

CAM clothing & art market
When: 11am – 6pm
@ Alpha House Artist Co Operative – 226 Union Street  Erskineville

Copious Colour
When: 5pm with live music
@  blank_space gallery – 374 Crown Street, Surry Hills

OutsideIn Festival 2014
When: 2pm
@ Manning House – Manning Rd, The University of Sydney

Art 3K – Art $3000 & Under – Exhibition Opening
When: 2:30-4pm
@ Art Atrium – 181 Old South Head Road, Bondi Junction,

Sunday 30th November

THINGS OF INTEREST and Artist opportunities
2015 Artist Call Out
We are now seeking proposals from Artists, Curators, Collectives, Organisations…everyone! for consideration in our 2015 exhibition programme.
We have an exciting new exhibition space that we want to fill with your amazing work!
For more information please click here

Call to Photographers – Due 9th January 2015
Gallery Lane Cove would like to invite you to submit work for a Public Art Commission in Lane Cove. This is an opportunity for photographers to get exposure for their work in the public domain. In collaboration with the Lane Cove Council Sunset in the Village Festival, we ask photographers to respond to the theme of “Illumination & Light”
The photographer selected will be offered an exhibition, which will hang in the outdoor forecourt, outside Gallery Lane Cove, which will engage the local community in the visual language of photography and reflect on the above theme.
The winning photographer will have their body of work printed on 12 outdoor canvas panels to, and includes approximately 12 -13 images. Images need to be ready for printing Friday 16th January 2015. A fee of $2000 will be paid to the photographer for their images.

Please email all submissions to by the 9th January 2015.
3-5 images of your work
CV (with contact details) A brief statement about your art practice
Outline of your proposed body of work for exhibition

Paramor Art Prize: Art + Innovation 2015
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre is proud to announce its inaugural Art prize, the Paramor Prize:
Art + Innovation 2015.
The Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation is set to be an annual acquisitive prize of $20,000. A $5,000
Mayoral Award will be issued to the artwork that best addresses the guiding principles
Liverpool City Council and a $1,000 People’s Choice Award will be issued to the artwork voted
most popular.
Submitted artworks must address ideas about innovation and thinking about the future,
encouraging new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting the world around us.
 A panel of
guest judges will select the winners and a curated selection of works will be exhibited at Casula
Powerhouse Arts Centre from 30 January to 23 March 2015.
The prize is launched in memory of Wendy Paramor, commemorating the 40th anniversary since
the passing of one of Australia’s most celebrated female modern artists for her innovative and

forward thinking artistic practice. Upon her death at age 37, local Liverpool resident Paramor
bequeathed a large collection of her works to Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Liverpool
City Art, Heritage and Local Studies Collection.
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Director Kiersten Fishburn said the new prize was an opportunity to celebrate the talents of emerging and established artists while honouring the contribution of

Wendy Paramor to the arts.
“Paramor was a woman ahead of her time; her work is still admired by staff and visitors and can
be found on walls across the country. What better way to honour her contribution than to
dedicate our prize to her legacy,” said Ms Fishburn.
Liverpool City Mayor, Ned Mannoun, said the prize was an opportunity for the city to showcase
its innovation and creativity on a national level whilst honouring the amazing contribution of one
of the city’s own.

“The optimism of Paramor’s artistic practice shows just what is possible in the South West region
of Sydney. Innovation is a guiding principle of Liverpool City Council and the Paramor Prize: Art +
Innovation provides an opportunity to develop new solutions and creative explorations of
challenges and opportunities in the rapidly growing South West Sydney region.
We are proud to call Paramor a local and I am sure that there are many more artists of her calibre
right here in Liverpool.”
Entries are open now until 5pm on 7th December, 2014. For full prize and exhibitions details visit or phone 9821 1121.
Paramor Prize: Art+Innovation 2015
Entry Deadline – 5pm, 7th December, 2014
Exhibition opening night – 6:30pm 30th January, 2015
Exhibition Dates: 31st January – 15th March, 2015


gaffa things interest

Event: Passionfruits – Artist Call Out
Deadline: Monday 19 January 2015
Exhibition Dates: 19 February – 2 March 2015
Location: Gaffa, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD 2000
Phone: (02) 9283 4273
Gaffa is looking for artistic Fruits and Fruit Flies for an upcoming exhibition to celebrate Mardi Gras 2015. The theme is Passion and is open to all artists, across all mediums. Final artworks are to be A3 size or smaller.

Please send 1-2 images and 200 words about your proposed work and how it explores the theme, Passion to