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Mark Rowden 2015

Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community was started in 2008 by Sydney artist Mark Rowden. His aim was to promote local artists and shows, to share arts opportunities and prizes and to support the Sydney arts community.

It started as a small facebook group, sending out a weekly listing of shows and events to only a few followers. Word spread and the group soon grew into a community of thousands.


As well as managing Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community and creating his own art, Mark is a master printmaker and teacher. He also runs a educational website that helps parents and carers nurture their kid’s artistic talents. Mark has worked in the Sydney art scene for over 15 years and was the manager of Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies. He has a considerable knowledge of the Sydney art scene and galleries as well and an extensive knowledge of art materials he has worked with many artist including Martin Sharp, Peter Kingston, Edward Mclean and Charles Blackman.

Mark would like to do more collaborations with artists and art minded people. Sydney needs the community to support the arts, it needs permanent spaces where creativity can be unleashed.

If you have a space or ideas please send Mark an email sydneygalleries@gmail.com



8 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. I love this website !! It’s entirely useful, and opening up a whole new world of gallery opening social events for me !!

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