Each year a mass of press and cameras head to the Art Gallery of NSW to hear the all important announcement who is the winner of this year’s Archibald!

Today we have just heard that Nigel Milsom has won the 2015 Archibald Prize with the painting ‘Judo house pt 6 (the white bird)’

The Sir John Sulman Prize goes to Jason Phu with the work ‘I was at yum cha when in rolled the three severed heads of Buddha: Fear, Malice and Death’

The Wynne Prize goes to Natasha Bieniek with the work ‘Biophilia’

The winner of the Pring Prize 2015 is Viola Dominello with ‘On the river’

The Winner of the Trustees’ Watercolour Prize 2015 is Max Miller with the work ‘The world of dew is only the world of dew and yet…oh…and yet…’ Kobayashi Issa (1763–1828)

Here is a link to the previous winners

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