tap™ – The Powerhouse Museum Design Showcase Competition

Sydney Art Galleries and Art community have teamed up with the with tap™ – The Power House Museum and Sydney Water
for ‘The Powerhouse Museum Design Showcase Giveaway’

To encourage more people to drink tap water, tap™ invited the community to help
design their tap™ bottle. Participants were asked to use their bottle designs to show why
sustainability is important to them.

We have 20 of these limited edition bottles to give away, each showcasing a different sustainability story.

As artists we use a lot of water for cleaning and if we are locked our studios we tend to drink a fair bit of it as well. Artists are known for their recycling and re use of pretty much any material, this is why we think the issue of sustainability is a great fit for artists.

To enter all you have to do is answer this simple question: In 25 words or less: Why would you like a refillable water bottle as an artist?


Please email us the answer, your name and email address to sydneygalleries@gmail.com. Good luck!!

This competition runs for two weeks: (20 bottles available)

This competition is only open to Aussie residents only.

The five winning designs will also be showcased at the Powerhouse Museum, from 23 October to 6 November. This coincides with National Water Week, an annual awareness week that aims to improve community understanding of water issues in Australia. A custom-designed, interactive showcase will be created to feature the five bottle designs. Using hand gestures, audiences can explore each of the designs, and learn more about artists. Following this interactive display, the five bottles will be included in the ongoing EcoLogic exhibit at the museum.

23 October – 6 November Powerhouse Museum 500 Harris Street Ultimo NSW 2007

About tap™

tap™ is a product of Sydney Water and is readily available across the Sydney region. It’s the most sustainable choice when it comes to quenching your thirst and is piped directly to just about everywhere for your convenience. Because tap™ comes directly from the source it doesn’t require any packaging or shipping – making it much better for the environment. So next time you’re thirsty, choose tap™ and drink to a sustainable future together.


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