IN STUDIO with Martine Emdur

1) Who is Martine Emdur?

She is a very short girl who paints very large paintings.

2) Explain your current body of work?

This show focuses on larger groups of people. The layering of flesh and the contrast between the closer saturated colours against the distant blue infused shadows have been great to explore. Also the sharp focus between the foreground figures and the blurry background figures offers up the opportunity to create a sense of distance. The other aspect I’m exploring is the dynamics between the people as they meet for the first time and jump in the water, it’s been intriguing to observe their interaction.

3) If you can pick one artist as an inspiration, who would it be and why?

Eric fischl is an artist I’m in awe of. His images often make you wonder what the hell is going on. Some scenarios are obvious, while others random and bazaar. The paintings linger, his brush strokes are effortless and confident.  The light and colour is bold and clean. And his bank of models would be great to have a bbq with…love it.

4) With your own art/art practice, where would you like to be in 10 years?

I answered this question 10 years ago by predicting my style would change radically and I’d have travelled the full spectrum with ideas and technique. Not the case. The execution of work seems to be a deeply ingrained practice that evolves gradually. So perhaps in 10 years I would like to have a better understanding of my subject and when it is no longer a challenge….who knows?

5) How are you finding the current art market?

I’ve been able to maintain my lavish one coffee a day lifestyle but there’s definitely been a few curve balls since the GFC.

6) Name four things that you cannot do without in your studio?

My lucky apron, uggs, music and visitors.

7) In the arts is social media helpful or not and why?

Recognition and awareness are important to the artist’s cause so social networking is brilliant for spreading the word and displaying your work to a greater audience. I’m unsure if this translates into commercial success but definitely increases exposure.

8) What was the funniest thing you’ve heard someone say about your own work?

A painting was purchased by a man as a surprise present for his wife and when it arrived home she said it made her seasick and she couldn’t look at it.   The gallery had to refund!

9) What is next on the agenda?

Currently showing at Scott Livesey Melbourne.

10) What is your advice to children who want to be artists?

Persistence. Practice. Hours. Years. Mistakes. Thick skin.

11) Where can we find more about Martine Emdur?

Faye Emdur, my mother.

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