IN GALLERY with MILS Gallery

1) How did you come up with the name MILS Gallery?

Was it your first choice?

Just going through a bunch of randomly generated words. It wasn’t my first choice. It was the name I settled with when
I realized I was dilly dallying over names. But it was important that it carried as few connotations as possible.

2) What kind of artists do you want showing in your Space?

Things we look for in an artist – Honesty. Imagination. Care.

3) What is the best way to approach Mils Gallery to show work?

There’s a simple form on the website. Fill it out. I look at the photo’s first. Then approach the info.

4) What is the philosophy of the space?

Show interesting stuff

5) If you can, what advise can you give to an artist looking for representation,

and what would it be?

I’ve heard some pretty scary stories, and I’ve seen some people get burnt. I think a good way to avoid that is to send an email
with some images of your work and request a meeting. Another good way is to get someone who’s respectable or somehow involved with the gallery to recommend you.
They will google you, so be prepared for that.

6) It is a hard market out there, how are you finding it?

It’s pretty hard. But I imagine its worse elsewhere

7) What does Sydney need to helps the arts and who can do this?

Cheaper inner city living. However you can’t always blame infrastructure or funding, we’ve got it pretty good here. It’s kind of up to the artists.

8) There are plenty of ARI (Artist run initiatives) out there, What are you thoughts on these spaces vs Commercial galleries?

There are some good ARI’s and also some good commercial spaces. Most ARI’s survive by appealing to the government funding bodies, commercial spaces survive by appealing to the wealthy. There’s room for good work within either system.

9) How is your gallery different then others in Sydney?

Its triangular. Plus some other little things

10) Melbourne vs Sydney how do you see the arts and the major differences?

Not a big difference. More people there are tuned in. But there’s an equal amount of dezzas

11) Social media is everywhere, do you use it and does it help?

Yes. Just Facebook really. As a publicity tool it’s very effective. Plus I scope artists out. I’m interested in how they want the world to see them.

12) What art do you have on your wall at home and your office?

It’s mainly my own works. I also have a massive Shuvinai Ashoona print from the Kinggait Inuit co-op ( I have a small collection of tribal works including a couple of sculptures and weapons from PNG and 3 Sogo Bo marionettes I got from Mali ( also have an Andy Townsend piece,  a bunch of Huw Lewis'( a Mim Fluhrer ( and many other works from artists that have previously been involved at MILS.

13) What shows are coming up over the next couple of months?

Headgear 2.0 is coming up. A couple of artists have been asked to make a mask/headpiece each.  We had one in 2010 and it was a big success. It’ll also be a celebration of MILS’s 3rd birthday so most the artists exhibiting will have previously contributed to the gallery.

14) Where can we find you?

15 Randle St,  Surry Hills, Sydney

All blog posts and images are copyrighted and all rights belong to – Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community and Mark Rowden


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