IN STUDIO with Remnim Alexander Tayco

1. Who is Remnim Alexander Tayco

I was born in the Philippines and came to Sydney when I was ten. I studied at the
National Art School, the College of Fine Arts and the Charlie Sheard Studio School. I
exhibit at Charles Hewitt Gallery, and will be having my second show there from 5 July

2. Explain your current body of work

My upcoming show, Tree Ballad, is a series of landscape paintings that explore the
mystical qualities of the natural environment, and reflect an intimate journey into an
imagined whimsical world. Whilst the series is not a realist rendering of specific places,
the landscapes depicted are based on the very real connections I feel with the natural
world. These works have involved a process of initially distilling images onto small
sketches, followed by an intensive seventeenth century Dutch paint layering technique on

3. If you can pick one artist as an inspiration, who would it be and why?

There are many Dutch artists in the seventeenth century that inspire me. The technique
they use and the mood that they are able to capture is pretty astounding. If I had to pick
one artist, it’ll have to be Jacob van Ruisdael.

4. With your art/art practice, where would you like to be in 10 years?

The dream, like most artists, is to be able to practice art full time. It’s a pretty simple
dream; of having the space and creative freedom to do what I love.

5. How are you finding the current art market?

The thing that I have discerned about the art market is that there is always demand for art
that is of a good quality. I can’t be too preoccupied about trends in the market if I want to
have the freedom to produce works that satisfy me at the creative level.

6. Name four things that you cannot do without in your studio?

Easel, good lighting, storage space and oil paints.

7. In the arts, is social media helpful or not, and why?

Yes! Being an artist is often a very solitary experience. Social media helps to connect
artists, share ideas, and promote our work.

8. What was the funniest thing you’ve heard someone say about your work?

That the trees in a painting look like “bunny ears” – well observed, but not intentional.

9. What is next on the agenda?

I will be looking forward to taking a breather from the studio after the show and some
traveling, which is always a source of inspiration.

10) What is your advice to children who want to be artists?

Be optimistic and don’t let others’ negativity influence you.

11. Where can we find more about Alex Tayco? and

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