1) How did you come up with the gallery name?
Was it your first choice?

Deciding on a name was a really torturous process which took a fair while.
Eventually we settled on Gaffa, which is simply after the industrial cloth
tape / as it has always been one
of my favourite products.

2) What kind of artists do you want showing in your gallery? Is the
there a general skill level or style that you look for?

Gaffa is dedicated to championing all disciplines and art mediums across
the art & design spectrum. Our only requisite is that the concept for the
show is innovative and compelling and that the artist is committed to
executing their proposed exhibition in a professional manner.
Naturally, we’re most strongly drawn to those who are interested in
nurturing an ongoing relationship with us, and who we can work with
collaboratively on future projects.

3) What is the best way to approach your gallery?

Either through email ( or by coming along to one of our
fortnightly precinct launches and saying hello.

4) What is your galleries philosophy?

Gaffa is artist-run in attitude and execution. It is first and foremost,
about access. For artists and designers this is access to space, access to
networks, equipment, support and an infra-structure. For our patrons, its
access to exciting local creativity and a welcoming environment they
wouldn’t otherwise get to be a part of.

5) If you can, what advise can you give to an artist looking for
representation, what would it be?

We don’t represent artists as such, as we aren’t a commercial gallery.
However we have built a ‘stable’ of artists whom we source from whenever
we undertake an off-site project, commission or Gaffa curated exhibition.
Our reason for selecting these artists is that their work is strong in
both vision and execution, they have worked with us a number of times and
they have demonstrated their dedication to their practice. Having many
friends in the industry, and knowing their experiences as artists, I would
advise not giving up (it can take years and years before finding the right
match with a gallery) and don’t compromise and change the way you work
according to apparent trends. That never works, and someone is more likely
to fall in love through your conviction.

6) It is a hard market out there, how are you finding it?

It is tough indeed. However, our structure as an organisation is not
reliant on sales of artworks so thankfully we aren’t completely at the
mercy of the financial climate.

7) Is it easy to sell art?

Yes and no. Yes, because when someone falls in love with a piece, its love
and money becomes no object. But no, because people with that passion do
seem scarce at the moment.

8) Have you any advise when choosing a gallery to show in?

It should be one where you like their exhibition program and you like to
attend their openings. It should also be one where you can see picture
your work fitting comfortably, as their audience will be more receptive to it.

9) There are plenty of ARI (Artist run initiatives) out there, What are
you thoughts on these spaces.

These spaces are crucial to the well being of the art industry as a whole.
This is where artists find their feet and develop their networks. They are

10) Melbourne vs Sydney how do you see the arts and the major

I’m not too sure about this one. If anything I might say that Melbourne
artists seem to be more prolific, but this may be to do with a slightly
lower cost of living there. Their networks also seem stronger.

11) Social media is everywhere, do you use it and does it help the gallery?

Absolutely we use it. It helps us reach a far wider audience, much faster
and on a regular basis.

12) What art do you have on your wall at home and your office?

My personal art collection at home is growing more and more all the time,
and my favourites are the pieces that have been gifted to me by artists
who have come through Gaffa. My latest pride and joy is a diptych
photographic work by Tanya Baker
‘Today (Sam) / Tomorrow (Sam’

13) Where can we find out more about your gallery?

14) What shows are coming up over the next couple of months?

For the month of May we are program partners with HEAD ON PHOTO FESTIVAL
2012 and we’ll be featuring some really exciting emerging photographers.
PEARSON and more.

All blog posts and images are copyrighted and all rights belong to – Sydney Art Galleries and Art Community and Mark Rowden

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