IN STUDIO with Justin Balmain

1) Who is Justin Balmain?

Scorpio. Year of the Tiger.

2) Explain your current body of work?

My current work, which has just been completed for my MOP Projects
exhibition in April, is a bit of a departure. It is a video work that was
made after an intense working period in New Zealand for a show there,
and is in many ways a pairing down of visual information into a singular
idea. That feels quite radical for me. It is the first time in a long while
that the work itself has actually been ‘made’, or complete, prior to
install, where the installation in a gallery tends to mirror studio praxis

3) If you can pick one artist as an inspiration, who would it be and why?

Paul Thek, for his ability to slip and out of visual languages, and that his
work exists as a precursor to so much made since, particularly the debt
a lot of contemporary artists owe to his influence.

4) With your own art/art practice, where would you like to be in 10 years?

It would nice to still have a studio based practice, which is getting much
more difficult in Sydney. I hope that in 10 years time I am pushing
myself in new directions with my work and still as engaged as I am right
now. I’m hanging out at the moment with so many amazing artists and
they form the platform for my practice. I want to be with these people
in 10 years, and others that remind me of the need to keep moving

5) How are you finding the current art market?

I don’t find it anywhere, I don’t look for it.

6) Name four things that you cannot do without in your studio?

Make noise. Procrastinate. Stare out the window on to Taylor Square.
Discussions with my studio buddies.

7) What was the funniest thing you’ve heard someone say about your own work?

I don’t know, I actually can’t remember anything specific. I’ll let you all
know after this exhibition. My answer can function as an invitation.

8) What is next on the agenda?

My show opening on the 19th April at MOP, and then a fun exhibition
with the collective Slush that opens in June. I have quite a busy year
ahead making new work, I plan to just focus on that, and continue
with my co-director duties at Firstdraft; making the place even more
awesome than it already is.

9) Where can we find more about Justin Balmain?

The Internets. And the streets.

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2 thoughts on “IN STUDIO with Justin Balmain

  1. saw your work last week in NZ. and was impressed….I think the Kiwis have a good attitude to art and their artists.

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